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Interested in becoming a Range Safety Officer? 
Links for the training material, and the final exam are below.  These documents are password protected.  To open the documents you need need to get the 
password from Bill (blange4u@yahoo.com)

RSO Classroom Material -  Note that this is a large file!
RSO's Please read and follow


William’s Sportsman’s Clubs

Revised RSO procedures and policies:

The below was adopted by the board on 8-7-2013

RSO’s will login at the Williams Police Department and in the conex at the range every time they open the range. The range open sign will be put up and the gate at highway will stay open. The American flag and red range active flag will be placed on the flag pole. These procedures are to be followed every time the range is open by an RSO. Failure to follow the above procedures will result in a written warning first offence and revoke of RSO privileges second offence.

RSO who have the range open will ask any individual or group entering the range to see their membership card and welcome them to join the member practice if they are already a member.

If an individual or group is not a WSC member the RSO are to invite them to become a member, or to join for an introductory free day of practice to see if they would like to become members (free introductory day has not yet been approved by insurance, and may have to be remove from procedures pending outcome of insurance approval).

 Procedures for:

Membership applications will be stocked in the conex, with temporary membership cards. Have prospective member fill out application and deposit dues into the donation box (envelopes will be available for cash please write name and what type of membership and the name of the new member on envelope) for check please have new member write what type membership in the memo area on check. File application in folder and fill out a temporary membership card for new member. Membership is activated with the temporary card and new member may join in practice.

Trial membership free, the membership folder will have a log please have person fill out the log and check log to make sure this is their first time to use the one time free day. With the log filled out the prospective member may join in member practice for their one day free trial.

NOTE: Trial membership procedure is dependent on insurance co. approval and may be changed or admitted depending on outcome.

 RSO are required to be the designate RSO for at least two scheduled range days per year to maintain the privilege of being an RSO, failure to complete this requirement will result in a written warning including opportunities to fulfill requirement. If an RSO still does not fulfill the required two scheduled range days per year their RSO privilege will be revoked. . A scheduled range day is a member’s practice day or event i.e.  Turkey shoot, placed on the website calendar including RSO’s name, for at least seven days prior to the date of the member practices day or event.

To place a date on the calendar Email Bill Lang (board member in charge of RSO’s), he will post your scheduled range day on calendar. RSO’s  are encouraged to have Bill post any day they might plan on having range open but only those which are given to Bill seven days in advance will count for your two scheduled days a year. The regular hours of Saturday from 7 am until 1 pm, are to be scheduled for the entire month prior to the beginning of that month. Please sign up for member practice Saturday’s with Bill as early as you can, if all Saturday’s are not filled for a upcoming moth an email will be sent out to all RSO’s asking for the days in question to be filled. Please help keep the range open for member practice on Saturdays (Bill Lang and Sheldon White have covered every Saturday the range has been open in 2013 - they need some help).

Unable to attend your scheduled practice day:

It is very important that any day the calendar says the range will be open for member practice it is actually open (the number one complaint the club receives is the failure to do so). If you have an illness or emergency please notify Bill a.s.a.p.,   Bill will send out an email to all RSO’s to try and get the scheduled day covered. If no one can cover we will post on the website that the scheduled day has been canceled.