Memberships are valid for the calendar year. Reminders are sent and renewals are due in January.
Multiple Membership types are available. 
NOTE:  Initiation Fee of $10 for first time new memberships except Junior and Military.
Individual under the age of 18, with signed parental consent.  (Adult member must be present when a junior is using the range).  No Initiation Fee.
 Annual      $15.00
ActivAciActy Duty only.  No Fees, we are proud to support our Military.
Individual adult, 18 or over.
 Annual     $30.00
Individual membership plus spouse or significant other and all children under the age of 18 living in the home.
 Annual     $50.00
Individual 55 years and older. 
 Annual     $20.00
 Lifetime Senior
Individual Senior (55 or over) membership.
 One Time $400.00
Individual lifetime membership.
 One Time $600.00
Individual lifetime membership plus periodic guests with provision for future plaque or name recognition on site when range acquired by City of Williams.
 One Time $800.00
 Charter Founding
Individual five year membership, limited to first 250 members.
 One time $100.00
 Associated Club Membership
Membership for all club members for one year, depends on club size.
 Annual $500-$1000
Membership form to download / print.
Membership forms can be found online or at :
     Williams Sportsman's Club Shooting Range
      S/R 64, 0.3 north of I-40

    Buck's Place/Williams Wear
     117 E Route 66, Suite 145
     Williams, AZ

   Mountain Man Mercantile
     400 W Route 66
     Williams AZ 

  City Hall City of Williams
    113 S First St
    Williams AZ 86046

  Williams Police Department
     501 W Route 66
     Williams AZ. 86046


Bring your completed form (sign BOTH sides) and fees (checks made payable to WSC or Williams Sportsmans Club) to the range on open days or mail to:
   PO Box 131
   Williams AZ  86046