Multiple Membership types are available. 
NOTE:  Initiation Fee of $10 for first time new memberships except Junior and Military.
Individual under the age of 18, with signed parental consent.  (Adult member must be present when a junior is using the range).  No Initiation Fee.
 Annual      $15.00
Activity Duty only.  No Fees, we are proud to support our Military.
Individual adult, 18 or over.
 Annual     $30.00
Individual membership plus spouse or significant other and all children under the age of 18 living in the home.
 Annual     $50.00
Individual 55 years and older. 
 Annual     $20.00
 Lifetime Senior
Individual Senior (55 or over) membership.
 One Time $400.00
Individual lifetime membership.
 One Time $600.00
Individual lifetime membership plus periodic guests with provision for future plaque or name recognition on site when range acquired by City of Williams.
 One Time $800.00
 Charter Founding
Individual five year membership, limited to first 250 members.
 One time $100.00
 Associated Club Membership
Membership for all club members for one year, depends on club size.
 Annual $500-$1000
Membership forms can also be found at various locations in Williams, AZ.
   Ammo Place
     2209 North 3rd Street
     Flagstaff, AZ 86004-4286
     (928) 773-1400
   Buck's Place
     117 E Route 66, Suite 145
     Williams, AZ
   Grand Canyon Motorsports
     516 N. Grand Canyon Blvd
     Williams, AZ
   Old Trails
     616 N. Airport Road
     Williams, AZ
   Rose's Cantina
     411 N Grand Canyon Blvd
     Williams, AZ
   Ruff's Sporting Goods
     2 South Milton Road
     Flagstaff, AZ 86001-5515
     (928) 774-6051

   Wagoner's Service Station
     811 West Route 66
     Williams, AZ
   Williams City Hall
     113 South 1st Street
     Williams, AZ