Items you want to know about using the range.

AVAILABLE AT THE RANGE:  There are some target stands at the range for your use.  They are on a first come, first served basis.  (We are in the process of having more stands made.)  There are also basic targets that we are asking a minimum donation for ($1/target).  There are cardboard IPSC targets that will staple to the target stands, and also 2 types of tagboard bullseye targets that you will want to mount to cardboard.  Please note - The RSO's can not make change.

YOU MAY BRING your own target stands, cardboard to mount to the target stands, and/or your own cardboard/paper targets.  Bottles/cans/etc. are NOT allowed as targets on the range.  

Range Hours / Facilities

Please check the date on the calendar for times.   (One click on the event will bring up details.)  Regular scheduled days are Saturday, 0900-1300; Wednesday, 0900-1200; & 1st and 3rd Sundays, 0900-1200.

There is NO WATER at the range, so bring drinking water.  There is a port-a-john available.

RSO on duty Please follow the Range Safety Officers directions.  You may only use a bay where a Range Safety Officer is present.
Gate etiquette Remember, the range is on Forest Service property, and that property is also leased out for cattle grazing.  The Calendar will note if the gate is to be kept closed (unlocked), or if it may be left open.  Please close the gate if cattle are permitted to be grazing - even if you don't see any cattle!
Members should be prepared to show ID Please bring your Williams Sportsman's Club ID and a picture ID with you every time you come to the range.  The RSO may ask to see your ID.  Non members may have a single day at the range but a $5 donation is requested to cover the costs of target stands and other materials.
After your membership has been processed, the link above will let you sign into the members only pages.  You will be given information on how to access these pages when your application is processed. 
 Associated Shooting Clubs:

    Arizona Junior Fish and Hunt Club