Williams Sportsman's Club uses the City of Williams Shooting Range: 
From exit 165 of Interstate 40 head north on State Route 64 (toward the Grand Canyon).
Travel north for only 3/10ths of a mile from the I-40 overpass. 
Turn west (left) on the road MapQuest identifies as Nf 2461.  (There currently is NO SIGNAGE on Nf 2461 to identify the road.)  Nf 2461 will end at the range. 
        (The Forest Service has identified this road as 3014, not 2461. 
          If you are using a map other than MapQuest
          you may find the road identified with this alternate number)
Location WSC Shooting Range; GPS coordinates, 35.26701 -112.15940. The entrance to the Range is located on the west side of Highway 64, ¼ mile north of Interstate 40. The range is approximately ½ a mile from the main gate.
Note, if the gate is locked, the range is not available for use.
At times the gate is kept shut because of possible grazing on the land.  There is more than one lock on the gate and the chain may be looped over the other side.  So even if the gate looks locked, please walk up to the gate, and check to see if it is really locked.  We will post an alert on the home page of this site when the gate must be kept closed.