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Flagstaff Kennel Club 07-2019

 Our main responsibility was attempted .parking control
  Show Rings for one of three areas at Cureton Park
 More Judges stations
  Parking areas filled quickly and new arrivals were directed to other facilities.
  The Flagstaff Kennel Club held their 4th annual AKC Dog Show at Cureton Park on July 19, 20 and 21.  Several members of the Williams Sportsman's Club provided assistance for the event by directing traffic, providing parking control and handling shuttle service from the remote parking area to the show grounds.
 Over the three day event, 1100+ dogs were shown in the 11 show rings set up around the Park.
WSC thanks Flagstaff Kennel Club for the opportunity to help make your show a success.
 Vendor Row, get that special leash or jacket for your friend.
 15 Minutes Loading Zone, please,
  Local Area K-9 Support Group.
 Our Crew discussing assignments
  It was a gorgeous weekend in Williams.
 Exit and shuttle monitor
  After 3 long days, the wheels are starting to come off but, we made.