As members of the Williams Sportman’s Club, (WSC)  members are fortunate to have a quality shooting range within easy reach of our homes.  WSC is a members only Club with member’s guests allowed and one day memberships available. 

The shooting range is located on National Forest Service Land which is allocated for use through agreement with the City of Williams, Az.  Other users of the range besides WSC are certain law enforcement agencies and as such WSC has certain limitations on how and when we can use the range.

Range Safety is the top priority at WSC and all members and guests are expected to follow safety rules as dictated by common sense and national firearm rules.  The Range Safety Officer (RSO) on duty during open range times is in charge of the range and will dictate range operational procedures.  He/she has complete authority to enforce range rules to include removing noncompliant individuals from the range.  

Range management, upkeep, and RSO duty is all accomplished through volunteer help.  All range users should take part in keeping the range clean and safe for all users.  Be safe and enjoy the range.

Further information about WSC such as range hours and location can be found at 

Keith Heimes